*** Premium Weekly Maintenance Program ***

HIC# 13VH02855100
Includes the following:

  • Pool Opening in Spring and Pool Closing in Fall
  • All chemicals are included for the season !!!!!
  • 18 Vacuums (based on 1 vacuum per week for 1 hour)
  • Water chemistry tested and adjusted as necessary
  • Weekly pool vacuum + surface skimmed off
  • Pump, skimmer and robot baskets cleaned
  • Filter backwashed when needed
  • Pool World uses its own vacuum equipment to vacuum your pool.
  • If we are unable to find power for our system, we will use your system.
  • A receipt of what was completed and done to your pool will be left after each visit. Please read your receipt weekly, so you know how your pool is operating.

1. Your service starts on your first vacuum.

2. If your 18 vacuums are not enough, extra weeks of service are available to extend your pool season. (Chemicals used at that time are still included). Pool World will notify you prior to reaching your last vacuum. We will not extend your service unless you authorize us to do so. In the event we are unable to contact you, service will stop until you authorize us to continue.

3. Pool World will attempt to raise/lower water level for the time we are vacuuming the Pool.
If you want your pool in swimming condition by Memorial Day, please schedule your pool opening accordingly. Pool World recommends opening your pool a minimum of 3 weeks prior to Memorial Day to take in to account bad weather, green pools, sluggish or weak systems, and any possible service repairs that may be needed.

4. It is your responsibility to call and schedule your pool closing if you do not fill in the form on the following page. We recommend calling the first week of August due to the high volume of pool closings we schedule. If you have a concrete pool, it is your responsibility to make sure your water is lowered 3"- 6" below your tile when we arrive to close the pool.

Please remember we are a once a week service. If your yard or pool is surrounded by foliage, pine needles or any type of falling debris, your skimmer baskets should be emptied more than once a week. This will extend the life of your pool equipment and help keep your pool looking clean until our next visit.