"Pool world installed our pool back in 1998. We have used them for all our openings and closings and all our chemicals. We recently switched to a salt water system upon their recommendation and love it! They have always been extremely helpful. They are always professional, courteous, and trustworthy."

"They have always been extremely helpful."

Sara B. 7/17

"Pool World just installed our liner and it looks impeccable. We have used their service in the past and would definitely recommend them. They are very professional and always go out of their way to bring exceptional service. The installers of our liner Brendan and Connor were not only courteous but took their time and explained the process during the installation of the liner. They are always professional, thoughtful, and dependable in what they do."

"Pool World just installed our liner and it looks impeccable."

Tanja D. 5/8/18

"Brian and Demetri did an excellent job opening my pool yesterday. They were both very courteous and truly outstanding. Two professionals that continue to make Pool World a class organization to do business with."

"They were both very courteous and truly outstanding."

Tony T. 5/18

"I had pool world install my pool and every year after that I have had them come to open and close my pool... Brian and Demetri do a wonderful job coming and taking care of adding all Chemicals for opening my pool and winterizing chemicals to close the pool... I am very pleased with Pool World!"

Thank you,

"I am very pleased with Pool World!"

Jodi Marrero - Old bridge NJ - 5/18

"Pool World installed our pool 17 years ago. We just replaced the 17 year old liner which came out absolutely beautiful!! Dave came over and in one day, contract was signed, and pool liner was ordered in time for summer. They were true to their timing which was extremely important, so we wouldn't miss any days of summer. We couldn't be happier with their professional service. Thank you once again POOL WORLD!!"

"Thank you once again POOL WORLD!!"

Susan R. 8/13/2017

"We have been happy customers of Pool World since purchasing our home. We can always count on their patience, kindness and competent staff to response promptly to all of our pool needs and questions. We happily have pool world open and close our pool each year. So grateful for their early chemical discount and home delivery program!

Two years ago, we needed a new liner and an update of our aging pool. Dave provided us with an at home consultation, informing us of just what we needed to complete the renovation, with as always, an itemized estimate, fair price and quality work . The results were amazing.

We have recommended them to several people who love our remodeled pool! We would never use another pool service, no one could offer the customer service we receive from the staff at Pool World, always on point!"

~Our Thanks ~

"We have been happy customers of Pool World since purchasing our home."

Theresa C. 9/8/17

"Being a first-time pool owner creates an endless series of questions. Pool World has always had a quick answer for us. We chose them because they installed the original pool 20 years ago and know it better than anyone. I feel good knowing that our pool is clean and safe based on Pool World's direction. I highly recommend this company, who have been in business for years, which speaks volumes."

"Pool World has always had a quick answer for us."

Frank C. 10/8/17

"Pool world came out and gave us an estimate for a new filter system. Dave, was not only super friendly and easy going, he answered so many of our other questions regarding our pool (new pool owners here!) We ended up going into the store for liner patches the same day, and everyone in the store was so helpful and nice! The two guys who ended up coming to replace the filter system were wonderful and efficient. I'm so glad we found pool world and will definitely be using them again!

Edit to prior post: A day before going on vacation, we realized that we had a large leak near our pool heater. Pool World was able to fit us in the next day, and the issue was resolved quickly!!!! We were so grateful!"

"We were so grateful!"

Alyssa C. 6/30/2017

"These people are the nicest, kindest, most helpful people I've ever come across in a family run business............ No, I'm not related to them or friends with them, but I wouldn't go anywhere else."

"... I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Joan F. 5/28/16

"Dear Dave and Staff,

I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance you have given me on cleaning my pool. As of the 1st of July it was still dark green. I came to you for help and within 10 days it was ready for swimming.

You were so patient with me in bringing it along, even though I was in there almost every day. I followed all your instructions and they worked perfectly. You didn't keep trying to sell me chemical after chemical every time I came in. You told me to just be patient and the chemicals you gave me will work.

I can't thank you and your friendly staff enough. I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

I extend my gratitude to you and your knowledgeable staff."

"I followed your instructions and they worked perfectly."

Linda Fabiano

"Dear David,

I wanted to thank you and the entire Pool World team for the outstanding work they did in rejuvenating my swimming pool this year in Highlands, NJ."

As you know, my pool was in very bad shape. Years of neglect and the use of an economy pool service that I inherited from the previous owner of my house resulted in a worn and torn pool liner, and a ugly and ineffective pool cover, and systems that were working poorly or not at all. My pool was only half full and the water had turned to a green gunk. The pool looked like it belonged to an abandoned building from a blighted urban area. Frankly, I didn't believe it could be saved.

Last month, I walked into Pool World to see if there may be a way to save it. Service Manager Dave Morrow quickly greeted me, listened to my story and looked at some of my photos, and immediately put me at ease by ensuring me that almost certainly the pool could not only be saved, but be restoredto its full glory it enjoned decades ago.

You started by showing me a range of pool liner considerations, and told me about some promotions that would further extend the value I received. After listening carefully to my particular issues about color, thickness in cost, you presented me with a perfect line or selection I had somehow overlooked in going through the samples. You then pointed out some things that I would need to help bring my pull up to standards a new pad under the equipment to level it and new plumbing to ensure that the water was being sourced from the correct place with the correct volume we then discussed the quandary about pool liner covers that the choice seem to be a solid cover that attracted leaves in water, or a mesh cover that allowed fine particles and algae into the pool. You told me about the newest technology that Paul world offered, I third option which was a smart mesh cover that provided the benefits of both. Further, you let me know that if I wanted a dark, royal blue cover instead of the green that is more typical, that was also an option.

I raised the concern about making the investment if the pool might not even be operational, and you told me not to worry - that before any work was started to the underground lines would be tested to ensure they were working and free of any defects.

When the liner arrived at Pool World, your team called me to make an appointment in the work began. Chief Liner Installer Joe "A" and his Assistant Rich Herd begin the process of emptying the pool of its old water, carefully snaking the water away from the fragile steep hill at the back of my property. They then literally got in the pool amongst all the muck and dirt, and removed the old liner. When they found a rather disastrous floor and wall awaiting them and a gaping hole underneath part of the concrete, Service Manager Dave Morrow and Construction Manager Ed Heaton joined Joe and Rich to ensure that the new floor would have a smooth and even vermiculite surface and that everything behind the liner would be in perfect shape.

Soon, it was time to drop the new liner in, and it went in without a hitch. Once the water was at the proper level, the team came back out and cleaned my built-in steps to a gleaming white, put in new eyeball fittings, a new skimmer face plate, and even a brand new floor drain cover, and before I knew it the pool look brand new.

But we weren't done. My new cover had arrived and had to be installed. Joe did his magic installing my anchors, while Dave and Ed remained on site to oversee and expedite the process, being as hands-on as necessary to ensure a perfect ending.

On September 24, when many people had long-since closed their pools for the season, my pool was finally ready. It looked like a million dollars. I couldn't believe it was the same pool that, just three weeks earlier, looked like it belonged in a war zone. I was so thrilled with it that I swim at least once - and often as many as three times - daily, despite the quickly dropping autumnal temperatures. I didn't call to have it closed for the season until October 9.

The work wasn't cheap, but it was fairly Lee priced. I learned the hard way what happens when you use a discount service. And most importantly, the money I spent will pay for itself two or three times over - at least - when the house is eventually sold.

Please make sure your entire team knows how much I appreciate their hard work. I look forward to talking to you in the Spring about my pool opening, and other enhancements that will further magnify the beauty of my new pool."

Best regards,

"I wanted to thank you and the entire Pool World team for the outstanding work they did in rejuvenating my swimming pool this year in Highlands, NJ."

Paul S. Gundlach