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Swimming pool excavation is an exact science; the better the excavation and construction, the better the final product. Many competitors subcontract excavation to non-tradesman to cut costs but, we have full time professional excavators on staff to guarantee you the best results!

We build a limited amount of pools each year to assure top quality and craftmanship. We build our pools to be free standing structures with or without water. We guarantee the installation of the in-ground pool superstructure (walls and braces) for the duration of the time the buyer owns their home.

We use the most advanced energy efficient equipment on the market. This includes variable speed pumps, salt sanitizers, automatic pool cleaners, all of which are computer automated to allow you to control them from smart phones, tablets, and computers. We never use cheap or generic equipment because your pool should bring you more fun, not more work.

We come to your home to evaluate both your yard and your family's needs and desires. We want to help you create a realistic plan for your dream backyard. We will never make promises we cannot keep and we will never use propaganda or misinformation to sway your decision.

When you call Pool World you will be greeted by a person not an automated response. We are family owned and operated and have been at the same location since 1981. Come visit our location on the corner of Rt. 35 & Pine St, and see the store that we call home, We are your family store.

Standard Equipment with all Pool World Pools

☑   Polymer Free Standing Structure

☑   Aluminum Cement Receptor Coping

☑   Concrete Collar Poured Around Outer Base Perimeter of Pool

☑   Vermiculite Bottom

☑   Pentair FNS Plus Fiberglass Diatomaceous Earth 60 Filter

☑   Energy Saving Variable Speed Pump & Motor

☑   2 Main Drains for Easy Maintenance

☑   2 Built in Automatic Skimmers & Jet Flow Directional Returns

☑   Unique, Independent, flexible PVC Plumbing System with Separate Control Valves

☑   Safety Rope and Float Set

☑   Deluxe Test Kit with Started Chemicals

☑   Complete Vacuum and Maintenance Set w/backwash Hose

☑   Deluxe Steps with Stainless Steel Handrail 6 or 8 Feet

☑   3-Step Stainless Steel Ladder

☑   8' Diving Board and Stand

☑   Temporary Construction Fence as Needed

☑   On Site Indoctrination & Training Procedure

☑   Concrete walks, 3,000 lb. Mix, Mesh Reinforced, with Vinyl Expansion Joint: 3' Around Pool Plus 30 Extra Square Feet Around the Diving Board

☑   Electrical Connections, Grounding & Bonding of Pool Up to 50 Ft. From Panel to Filter with GFI's

There is only one way to construct a swimming pool: That's the right way, the first time. There is no second chance. By choosing Pool World we stand behind our products and expertise. Pool World and Pacific Pools (the manufacturer) work together to provide the best warranties available. Your pool comes with a lifetime transferable warranty on its major components. This means that not only is your pool warranted from component defects for as long as you own the pool; The same lifetime warranty also covers any future owners of your home - smoothing out potential concerns while your home is for sale.

Your Pacific Pool lifetime warranty covers the wall panels, braces and steps. Your vinyl liner and safety cover will periodically need to be replaced; however, they carry one of the best warranties in the industry - a 5-year full and 20-year prorated transferrable warranty. A warranty is only as sound as the company behind it, and Pool World has been serving customers for over 35 years.

Additionally, we are now able to accommodate financing through Lightstream.

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