Swimming Pools

Graphex Walls & Braces

Only the Graphex panel from Pacific Pools offers superior strength and performance.

There are many imitation panels out there, but all polymer pool panels are NOT the same. The Graphex panel and brace system from Pacific Pools is the only system on the market with 50 years of outstanding performance.

Look for its distinctive honeycomb pattern on the back and light gray color.

The Graphex Support System

  • Patented Graphex walls and braces are integrated into the cement-mix pool base, concrete patio and concrete bond beam.
  • The walls and braces are made of an all-resin structural polymer that will never rust, oxidize or degrade.
  • A unique honeycomb wall panel design, with vertical and horizontal ribs surrounding the pool, adds extra engineered strength and integrity to the walls.
  • Our exclusive Mate-Lock and Panel Lok systems assure proper alignment of the wall panels and add strength at the wall panel joints.

Exclusive Shapes

Step and Spa Accessories

Pool World offers a variety of Latham steps, spas and ledges to address your needs and desires.

Acrylic/fiberglass steps
Thermoplastic steps
Vinyl over Polymer
Vinyl over Steel
Spillover Spas
Tanning Ledges