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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool Cleaners for Your Pool

Choosing an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners vacuum and brush the pool to help remove debris from the pool. Pool cleaners have achieved wide-spread use and acceptance by consumers and the service industry. They are generally broken into two categories; Pressure Side Cleaners and Robotic Pool Cleaners. Different pool types and plumbing call for different pool cleaners.

Pressure side cleaners are those that attach to the pressure side of your pool's circulation system. Also called booster pump type cleaners, water that is pumped or "pushed" back to the pool propels these units, which have their own hydraulic power plant inside. Being on the pressure side and not the suction-side or vacuum side, pressure cleaners have distinct advantages. They are helpful in distributing clean filtered water around the pool and having their own debris bag means that they don't compromise the filter system by bringing dirt and debris into the pump basket and pool filter. Even with the bag full, a pressure cleaner still operates, stirring debris up; it just won't suck up much more debris until the bag is emptied.

Robotic pool cleaners use a transformer that is plugged into a wall outlet and a cord from the unit plugs into the transformer. It is then propelled to clean the pool. The drive motor propels the robot cleaner over the pool surfaces. It is connected through a gear train to power the belts and tracks, which rotate two transverse cylindrical rollers to brush and scrub the pool surfaces. Some even have radio remote controls so you can steer the unit from a lounge chair!

Pool World uses Polaris brand pool cleaners. We recommend the POLARIS VAC-SWEEP® 3900 SPORT for those looking for a pressure cleaner and the POLARIS 9450 SPORT for those interested in a robotic pool cleaner. When you come into Pool World we can go over what your needs are and help you pick out the best robot for you.