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Pool Openings

Pool Openings for Your Pool

Our pool openings include:

  • removal of winter cover and fan-folded for storage (fan folding eliminates the need for cleaning)
  • connection of filtration system
  • start up of the filter system
  • start up of the heater (gas supply must be on)
  • Installation of the ladders, handrails, and other deck equipment
  • Installation of the in-pool accessory equipment
  • chemical testing of pool water and treatment
  • complete inspection of filtration system, plumbing, and equipment needs.
  • additionally, our vans are fully stocked with chemicals, so you do not need to provide them ahead of time

Necessary steps before your scheduled opening:

  1. You must be home at the time of your opening, if no one will be home please call ahead for arrangements
  2. Pump all water off your cover and remove leaves and other debris
  3. Remove safety fencing before your scheduled opening date (Pool World cannot remove fencing)
  4. Provide electrical power
  5. Have pool equipment accessible & near the pool

Please call Pool World to schedule your opening. Remember to schedule early so we can accommodate your needs.