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Water Testing

Free Water Tests for Your Pool


Although, at home test kits are great for maintaining your pool chemistry; Pool World recommends getting your pool professionally tested bi-weekly. By using professional grade products, we can test chemicals not visible with a standard “at home test kit”. By obtaining an accurate reading of your water chemistry, you can understand exactly how much product to put in your pool. This not only saves you money by preventing the possibility of over-treating your water, but also keeps your pool healthy year-round. Whether a salt pool or a chlorine pool, chemicals are necessary to keep your pool at peak conditions. When chemicals are not balanced you run the risk of harming your pool, or even yourself.


The ideal sample will be at least a foot below the water surface after the system has been on for at least an hour. A good rule of thumb is to fill the test kit from about elbow-deep in the pool water. We only need about 8 oz of water to conduct our testing but you are welcome to bring more. It is best to bring your sample in right after taking it. Leaving the bottle in the heat can cause chemicals to burn off in the bottle and give inaccurate readings. Pool World provides free sample bottles. Our testing is always free.